Every listener needs different features, so at Pro-Ject you can choose what you need and what you do not. Here are all the Pro-Ject turntables you can find on our website sorted by features to help you make your search easier. Get an overview of the large assortment and choose a turntable according to your preferences.

You really like to hear music from the record, but you also want to hear music from your mobile phone through the stereo system? Then the Juke Box E or S2 is the perfect all-in-one solution. Is a cable connection too complicated or not possible for you? For these purposes, a Bluetooth connection to the speakers is useful.


Output: VT-E-R

You want to connect the turntable via a digital output to your home cinema system, then you are right here.

Essential III Digital

The perfect partner if you want to enjoy your vinyl collection with headphones.

You are looking for a semi-automatic turntable? A limit stop mechanism ensures that after playing the last piece of music the turntable turns off and the tonearm is raised.

1 Xpression III Comfort