Debut PRO

Our 30 years anniversary turntable

After the Debut Carbon EVO revolutionized the Debut series in 2020, the Debut PRO raises the bar even higher. We designed not only a new turntable but also a completely new cartridge. Now, for the 30th anniversary, we are again going back to our roots.

Debut Pro 7

Pick it PRO

Our new Pick it PRO delivers a more lively and robust sound and convinces with its big dynamic range. The perfect combination of components is the key to achieve the great charismatic sound of the Pick it PRO.

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Welcome to the deep end

A milestone for the next decades

The Debut PRO brings an absolutely new design to Pro-Ject turntables. The audiophile turntable is convincing in all respects – not only visually, but more importantly also in terms of sound.

The precision CNC milled parts are optically perfectly coordinated and lead the Debut PRO to its modern simple, elegant and unprecedented design. The nickel finish of all these aluminium components result in a hard, resistant surface. This process enables us to produce very high-quality and sustainable components and avoid plastics and similar materials that continue to age over time and would more importantly also degrade sound quality.

Debut Pro 10

The tonearm bearing is a completely new design. Precision CNC'd out of a single block of aluminium, you can see all the production stages above. The last step is putting a nickel finish on it. This will increase the rigidity of the bearing, ensuring free and fluid movement of the tonearm and precise tracking without material degration in looks or function.

A throne for your records

Deeply driven

The electronically regulated synchronous motor drives the platter and guarantees the most accurate and stable speeds. Change between them easily with the toggle switch. With the supplied round belt for 78 rpm you can also listen to your shellac records.

Debut Pro Lifestyle Gallery 10

A new platter – a deeper dish

The new Debut PRO platter is a first on any Pro-Ject turntable. It features a notch for the record label and together with our Record Puck PRO (available separately) the puck's weight will press your record tightly against the platter. The die-cast aluminium platter is reworked and precision balanced in an extra step to obtain an evenly spinning platter. It is anti-magnetic, allowing MC cartridges to work properly. Delve deep into the vast upgrade path the Debut PRO has to offer!

The anti-magnetic heavy aluminium platter has a ring made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) on the inside that helps to dampen all resonances and minimizes wow and flutter. Our seperately available Record Puck PRO provides an extra level of damping and stability, so it is the perfect add-on for the Debut PRO.

Debut Pro Lifestyle Gallery 7

Hybrid Tonearm

The new Debut PRO features a one-piece carbon-aluminium sandwich tonearm. The carbon layer gives the tonearm a high degree of rigidity, while the inner aluminium tube takes over the damping of the tonearm. This makes the tonearm perfect to be upgraded with higher-end MC cartridges!

Azimuth & VTA Adjustment

The newly designed tonearm base allows you to adjust both the azimuth and the vertical tracking angle (VTA). The tonearm height can be continuously adjusted by loosening the two grub screws. These settings give you the option of adapting the tonearm to height changes allowing the use of different turntable mats or other cartridges to always achieve the best sound quality. Setting and experimenting with the VTA & Azimuth is crucial in extracting every last bit of performance out of your cartridges.

Debut Pro Backside 2

PRO Features

Pick it PRO

Lively and robust sound

The perfect combination of components is the key to achieve the great sound of the Pick it PRO.

Debut Pro Cartridge Graphic

Nickel Coating

Sustainable components

The nickel finish of the aluminium components results in a hard, resistant surface.

Debut Pro Nickel Graphic

Hybrid Tonearm

Carbon Aluminium Sandwich

This super stiff and uniquely dampened tonearm ensures perfect tracking of the record groove.

Debut Pro Tonearm Graphic

VTA & Azimuth

Fully adjustable

The Debut PRO comes with fully adjustable Azimuth & VTA. It offers you the possibility to modify your turntable as you want it.

Debut Pro Vta Graphic

33/45/78 RPM

High precision motor control

The playback speeds are electronically controlled with precision, which guarantees the most accurate and stable music reproduction. Change between speeds easily with the toggle switch.

Debut Pro Speed Change Graphic

Bearing block

Complete new design

The precision CNC milled and nickel coated tonearm bearing parts are completely new and designed just for the PRO.

Debut Pro Bearing

Special Platter

TPE damped & anti magnetic

The heavy aluminium platter has a ring made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) on the inside that helps to dampen all resonances and minimizes wow and flutter.

Debut Pro 6.238

Metal Feet

Damped & height adjustable

The three height adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.

Debut Pro Graphic Feet


The Debut line has always been designed for beginners who want their start in HiFi. One approach to have a big sound stage with a warm & full sound is to compensate the weakness of small speakers via the design of the turntable and cartridge. The name „PRO“ also invites the music lover to become a HiFi audiophile because you can easily upgrade the turntable. Due to the VTA adjustment possibility, the anti-magnetic platter & the aluminium-carbon hybrid tonearm the Debut PRO is definitely ready for a moving coil (MC) cartridge.

The X line in comparison aims for another goal. With the X1 for example, you get a nearly perfect audiophile turntable in relation to the budget. The sound itself is more neutral and balanced & it needs a better amplifier and better speakers to reach the best possible sound. Due to the increased mass, the 4 pin point cardan bearing construction with less friction and the different choice of platter, the turntable leads to a more analytic sound.

The main differences of the X1 compared to the Debut PRO are: 1.) Bigger chassis with more mass 2.) Cardan 4 pin point bearing influenced by our Evolution reference tonearms 3.) Bigger, more heavy duty & lower rumble platter bearing 4.) One piece acrylic platter, no hollow spaces

All the audiophile features like VTA & azimuth adjustment, height adjustable feet & the alu-carbon hybrid tonearm are the same on both models & give you the possibility to adjust & upgrade your turntable.

The Pick it PRO on the Debut PRO is differently tuned especially for the Debut PRO, featuring a more robust and warm sound. It works especially well with entry level Hifi stereo systems. The Pick it S2 MM on the X1 is the more balanced and clean sounding cartridge with more details tuned for the X1. A proper audiophile Hifi system is necessary to make sure these details are not lost.