Sustainable HiFi

Good Product Design is Long Lasting

Pro-Ject Audio Systems at home in Europe

We are an Austrian company that has been supplying the
world with turntables since 1991 and Hi-Fi components since 2000.

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Everything as local as possible

The Pro-Ject production is carried out in the heart of Europe. Our factories are located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. 95% of the goods are manufactured within 440km and 97% of the raw materials are sourced from the immediate vicinity of the factories.

Raw materials from the surrounding area are wood/MDF, metals, carbon fiber, glass, but also packaging and advertising materials.

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Products designed for generations

Our first turntable, the Pro-Ject 1, stands the test of time and is still a great turntable by today’s standards. Due to our 25 years spare parts availability guarantee, we are able to keep our products alive for a very long time. We have a clear stance: Anti-Throwaway-Culture.

We only use high quality materials to ensure a long-lasting and superior sounding product. We maximize the lifespan of our products by simplifying it to the main features and offer you a modular system to pick the features you really need. The modular system also brings big advantages in terms of serviceability.

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The experience starts here

Pro-Ject‘s international Dealer network has around 5000 Stores in 80 countries on- and off line so you can see, feel and most importantly HEAR our products!

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5000 Stores in 80 Countries

Reduced without compromises

Conventional amplifiers come with a width of 44cm which is not only using a lot of resources, but also needs a bigger packaging. Our MaiA S3 is 1/5 the size of a comparable powered amplifier. We therefore achieve less weight and packaging and can achieve a 10x more efficient transport. The smaller size also saves 5x aluminium which results in 5x less used energy.

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Headquarter 12

The Pro-Ject Headquarters

Sustainability lived in the office building