The Pro-Ject Headquarters

Sustainability lived in the office building

Our headquarter is located 35 kilometers North of Vienna in the beautiful Weinviertel region, after a year of planning and 14 months of build-time, it has been opened end of August 2017. On a total area of 12,200 m² there can be found three different parts with different functions and purposes.

Come in and find out

In the 1,200 m² office area there is an elegant customer area with inviting foyer and our flagship store. The heart of our headquarter is a 300 m² Atrium. The use of glass surfaces creates transparent and modern office space. The outer facade of the office area reflects the grooves of a record.

In three listening and demo rooms our Pro-Ject products can be experienced and heard. The flagship store is used as example for global stores like it. Next to the plan offices and separate offices, there is a 130 m² development and service area.

The energy concept of the headquarters is unique in Austria on this scale. The heating system works self-sufficient. With the energy of the sun, the air and the crystallization energy of the water, the building is heated or cooled. A photovoltaic system on the roof supplies the energy needed to power the heat pump throughout the year. In the summer months, excess energy is fed into the grid, in winter this amount is then withdrawn.

Two “energy sources” are used to supply the heat pumps: First, there are 37 solar air absorbers on the roof of the warehouse. Here, the ambient air heat is extracted, which is used via the heat pump to heat the building. The second “energy source” is the ice storage. A water tank 25 meters long and 15 meters wide, which contains 910,000 liters of water. On cold winter days, the heat energy of the water is used by the heat pump for heating. The temperature goes down until water freezes to ice. This concentrated cold energy is used for cooling in the summer and for heating the building in winter.