Hi-fi news reviews the 175 Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer

UK, 01.2018:
One never tires of the Pro-Ject 175 Vienna’s crisp, detailed and engaging nature – and the fact that it’s so even-handed regardless of the music you play. It is a distinctive and modernsounding turntable solution with one simple mission in life: to have fun. Yes, there are some question marks about its fi nish and the high mass of the tonearm, but the package breezily exceeds the sum of its parts.



Audio reviews the RPM 5 Carbon

DE, 06.2017

An excellent and affordable combination.

Sound rating: 95 points
Value for money: outstanding
Features: good
Operation: good
Build Quality: very good

Christian Möller

Hifi Video Test reviews the Essential III

NL/ BE, 07/08.2017
The idea behind the Essential III "flexi range" is to propose a turntable that will connect to any home audio device out there. Among others, you will find a version with an optical output (to connect to a soundbar for example) or even a version with a bluetooth output (to connect to a BT speaker!). All of them with an high quality sound at a very reasonable price.

Ward Maas

Hifi Video Test reviews the Pre Box S2 Digital

NL/ BE, 07./08.2017
All you need to set up a very nice affordable stereo system. At the first look, the Pre Box S2 Digital seems like a normal premium digital preamplifier with 3 inputs but when you look at it closely you will discover a whole bunch of facilities you would not expect at this price point or in such a small chassis!

Ward Maas

Audio Test reviews the RPM 5 Carbon

DE, 03. 2017

A real eye-catcher in every living room.
Its great smoothness and insensitivity to all resonances make it a high-end device in a class of its own.


Thomas Kirsche

Hifi Video Test reviews The Classic

NL/ BE, 07./08.2017
Strongly recommended!
To make the forked tongues quiet: Pro-Ject‘s The Classic turntable is no clone! It is a perfect example of a clever thought product built with strong modern material but in a vintage design. The Classic also follows the brand philosophy, offer high-quality products at a very attractive price.

Bert Oling

Audio reviews the Essential III – George Harrison Edition

DE, 05.2017

Great special model!

Sound Rating: 75 points
Value for Money: outstanding (Essential III)
Features: satisfaying
Operation: good
Build Quality: good

Lothar Brandt

What Hi-Fi reviews The Classic

UK, 11.2017:
You’ll struggle to find a turntable at this price with a fuller body, or one as eager as The Classic to throw a significant punch. Talent and beatuy is a rare combination in a turntable, but Pro-Jects The Classic has each of those in abundance.



long live vinyl reviews the Debut Carbon Recordmaster

UK, 10.2017
Verdict: A top-quality, easy to use and fully featured turntable. To allow you to hear the highest capable ripped resolutions, such a quality source is a necessity; and the sonic results are certainly worth it.

SoundStage!access reviews the Debut Carbon

USA, 04.2017
Nothing in my listening room has ever sounded as good asPro-Ject Audio Systems’ Debut Carbon turntable. The Debut Carbon is meticulously designed, from packaging to performance.

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