Audio reviews the RPM 5 Carbon

DE, 06.2017

An excellent and affordable combination.

Sound rating: 95 points
Value for money: outstanding
Features: good
Operation: good
Build Quality: very good

Christian Möller

Hifi Video Test reviews the Essential III

NL/ BE, 07/08.2017
The idea behind the Essential III "flexi range" is to propose a turntable that will connect to any home audio device out there. Among others, you will find a version with an optical output (to connect to a soundbar for example) or even a version with a bluetooth output (to connect to a BT speaker!). All of them with an high quality sound at a very reasonable price.

Ward Maas

Hifi Video Test reviews the Pre Box S2 Digital

NL/ BE, 07./08.2017
All you need to set up a very nice affordable stereo system. At the first look, the Pre Box S2 Digital seems like a normal premium digital preamplifier with 3 inputs but when you look at it closely you will discover a whole bunch of facilities you would not expect at this price point or in such a small chassis!

Ward Maas

Audio Test reviews the RPM 5 Carbon

DE, 03. 2017

A real eye-catcher in every living room.
Its great smoothness and insensitivity to all resonances make it a high-end device in a class of its own.


Thomas Kirsche

Hifi Video Test reviews The Classic

NL/ BE, 07./08.2017
Strongly recommended!
To make the forked tongues quiet: Pro-Ject‘s The Classic turntable is no clone! It is a perfect example of a clever thought product built with strong modern material but in a vintage design. The Classic also follows the brand philosophy, offer high-quality products at a very attractive price.

Bert Oling

Audio reviews the Essential III – George Harrison Edition

DE, 05.2017

Great special model!

Sound Rating: 75 points
Value for Money: outstanding (Essential III)
Features: satisfaying
Operation: good
Build Quality: good

Lothar Brandt

What Hi-Fi reviews The Classic

UK, 11.2017:
You’ll struggle to find a turntable at this price with a fuller body, or one as eager as The Classic to throw a significant punch. Talent and beatuy is a rare combination in a turntable, but Pro-Jects The Classic has each of those in abundance.



long live vinyl reviews the Debut Carbon Recordmaster

UK, 10.2017
Verdict: A top-quality, easy to use and fully featured turntable. To allow you to hear the highest capable ripped resolutions, such a quality source is a necessity; and the sonic results are certainly worth it.

SoundStage!access reviews the Debut Carbon

USA, 04.2017
Nothing in my listening room has ever sounded as good asPro-Ject Audio Systems’ Debut Carbon turntable. The Debut Carbon is meticulously designed, from packaging to performance.


See the review: reviews the Xtension 9 Evolution Superpack

10. 2015

I hope it is clear by now that I really loved listening to the Pro-Ject's Xtension 9 SP turntable.