Fedelta reviews RPM 9 Carbon

IT, 07.2018:
- The result is really impressive, with no listening fatigue.
- Quality analog listening for a entry level CD player price.
- Silence, absolutely without “hum”, super dynamic and clear.
- Exceptional characteristics with a sexy look, irresistible for an hifi enthusiast.

Alberto Guerrini

Headfonics reviews the Pre Box S2 Digital

The Pre Box S2 Digital is one of those all-in-one solutions that defines what a typical 2018 digital audiophile might be looking for. Roon Tested, full MQA unfolding, a low noise floor, easily transportable and a very likable tonal presentation with a very modern DAC chip solution inside.


Original review see:


Marcus Downey

Stereo reviews the Juke Box S2

DE, 07.2018
Verdict: A completely successful all-in-one system, when the focus is on record playback. Thanks to the carefully composed connection menu, the Juke Box S2 can be used flexibly. Even for music played wirelessly via Bluetooth.


Audio Test reviews the Juke Box E Hifi Set

DE, 06.2018:
The Juke Box E combines amplifier and player in a very successful way. While many have already taken this step, the Juke Box E masters this not only elegantly, but also with a high degree of tonal competence. Considering this versatility, it convinces on all levels. Of course, the Juke Box E cannot replace a full-blown power amplifier, but it certainly manages to enhance the image of the all-in-one turntable. The Speaker Box 5 speakers in duet with the turntable Juke Box E are a very convincing addition.


Alex Röser, Stefan Goedecke

The Sydney Morning Herald reviews the Stereo Box S2 BT

AU, 06.2018:
With this they'll get proper stereo, far better sound quality and way more power than they've ever had, and there's no major imposition on their space. A great idea somewhat overdue.



Rod Easdown

Audio Test reviews the Primary

DE, 05.2018
The Primary is a feat. Simple and good. Rarely before, if not never before, we have been able to test a turntable that offers so much playback quality while leaving so much money for the purchase of records. The son wants his own record player and you are looking for something cheap that is not made in China, but built in Europe? Or you are reluctant to start vinyl and want to try it on an already high level without much experience? Then the Primary should be at the top of your list.

Johannes Strom

stereoplay reviews the 175 – The Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer

DE, 05.2018
Pro-Ject kept its word and designed a beautiful, high-quality turntable for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Technology and promotional concept work together congenially.
Already with the first bars it was clear: Here plays a superplayer with juice and thrust. And it shows the perfect feel for the playing culture of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The way the 175 interpreted the string carpet - that was luxurious.


Analog Planet reviews the Vinyl Cleaner VC-S

UK, 04.2018:
A well-thought out, extremely well-made wet vacuum type machine.

What's great about this machine:
1) It is quiet plus has powerful suction (1-2 revolutions) and features a metal vacuum tube
3) The platter-less design clamps the record and covers the label
4) The chassis is MDF not particle board
5) The drain is vented and has a spent fluid gauge

Original review:

Michael Fremer

Hi-Fi Choice reviews the Tube Box DS2

UK, 05.2018:
Space and tonal realism makes for a very compelling listen and one that is very easy to spend extended sessions enjoying. Impressive performance with useful flexibility at a very attractive price.



Hi-Fi Choice reviews the Debut III S audiophile

UK, 05.2018:
Conclusion: The Debut III S audiophile is a welcome addition. It takes the best of the existing models and adds a dash of extra sophistication and poise to their performance. The individual changes add up to a convincing package, and it is clear that this is a design that has been properly thought out. The whole is most definitely greater than the sum of the parts, but be sure to budget for a better mat. A highly capable hi-fi turntable package at a great price point .


Adam Smith