The New EVO Tonearm Range

High precision tonearms hand-made in Europe

The tonearm is one of the most important parts of a turntable and therefore not only influences, but also shapes the sound in a specific way. We did in-depth listening tests with different bearing types, tonearm materials and also cartridge combinations to develop the sound we are looking for.

Standard 1

EVO Standard

The entry into high end tonearms.

Premium 1


Top of the line high end tonearms.

About 15 years ago, we released the Evolution tonearm range. These tonearms were a huge success and with this experience we were able to further develop our tonearm design. This new EVO Premium tonearm range is the result of our work from the last years, and we are proud to also offer new finishes and many additional improvements.

10 Insights from our Research


01. Damped counterweights and super high mass bearing gimbals.

02. Conical tonearm tube design for resonances derivation & reduction of moving mass.

03. Single-piece tonearm tubes increase the stiffness & increase the sound transparency.

04. Correct tonearm and cartridge matching is critical for accurate tracking.

05. For low compliance cartridges, you need tonearms with high effective mass.

06. High-purity conductors have a significant positive influence on low level cartridge signals.

07. High mass flange design is crucial to fix the tonearm securely to the turntable.

08. Massive tonearm holder reduces the overall resonances of the whole tonearm.

09. An assortment of different counterweights is necessary to balance the cartridge correctly.

10. A precision arm can only be manufactured with precise machines of the highest level.

Standard Features

Copper Leads

High purity

High-purity conductors have a significant influence on lowlevel cartridge signals. Copper offers a balanced & "warm" sound character.

Feature Copper

Carbon Arm

Conical, lighweight, but stiff

The tube is made out of one-piece carbon fiber, which is lightweight and strong at the same time. It has a conical shape, to avoid standing wave reflections.

Feature Carbon


Inverted cardanic bearing

We use an inverted cardanic ABEC 7 quality bearing with 4 stainless steel tips. This bearing type is very stable and low friction.

Feature Bearing


Massive construction

The bearing parts are made out of aluminium which offers great characteristics. Additionally the counterweight is damped with a TPE insert.

Feature Counterweight
Evo Cc Selection


Evo As Selection


Evo Cc Packaging

PREMIUM Features

Silver Leads

High purity

Silver is best conductor of electricity which makes it perfect for lowlevel cartridge signals. Silver tends to sound livelier and offers more clarity and harmonic richness.

Feature Silver

Hybrid Arm

Conical, alu-carbon tube

The additional aluminium tube inside the CA tonearms dampens the stiff and sturdy carbon which offers a different sound characteristic, but also a matching with different cartridges.

Feature Carbon Aluminium

Swiss ABEC 7

Highest selection

We use an inverted cardanic Swiss ABEC 7 quality bearing with 4 stainless steel tips. This bearing type guarantees a clear tracking which results in a highly detailed and open sound stage.

Feature Bearing

Stainless Steel


The bearing block is CNC machined out of heavy weight stainless steel. Therefore, the bearing is very solid and adds a lot of weight to the whole tonearm which reduces the overall resonances.

Feature Counterweight
Evo Ca Rpm 9
Evo Ca Premium Selection


Evo As Premium Selection


Evo As Hg X 10