part-time audiophile reviews the LP: 7RAY feat. Triple Ace – Jazzy Zoetrope

UK, 04.2020

A truly great-sounding LP.


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LowBeats reviews Pre Box RS2 Digital and CD Box RS2T

DE, 04.2020

A very hot candidate for the dream team of the year! Many full-format pre-amps should go green with envy ...
+ Top sound through external clock synchronization
+ Short access time
+ Quasi silent operation
+ Also reads CD text

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Jürgen Schröder

Home Theater High Fidelity reviewed the X2

US, 04.2020

The X2 with Sumiko Moonstone cartridge represent great value at their price point. If your vinyl library is valuable, protect it with this system!


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Glenn Young

stereonet reviewed the X2

UK, 03.2020

A value for money audiophile product. It’s ideal for those wanting a serious but user-friendly vinyl spinner at a persuasive price.


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David Price

Stereo reviews the CD Box DS2

DE, 03.2020

A smart mini that is as fresh as it is appealing to music and it can even perform solo.
Your RCA output can be switched from „fixed“ to „variable“, in order to then directly control a pair of active speakers.
We call that powerful!


LowBeats reviews the Tube Box DS2

DE, 03.2020

Drive, charm, fine resolution and a very generous spatial representation.

Andreas Günter

Digital Trends awarded the Phono Box

US, 03.2020

One of the best affordable phono preamps for 2020. If you already own a high-quality turntable (such as Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon) and are considering upgrading to the pricier moving coil cartridges long-term, this is a great option.


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Parker Hall, Nick Woodard

simplifi SoundStage! reviewed the Pre Box RS2 Digital

US, 02.2020

Throughout my listening, I was struck by how integrated, how completely together, music sounded through the Pre Box RS2 Digital.


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Gordon Brockhouse

hi-fi news reviews The Classic Evo

UK, 02.2020

It does what it says on the tin. It’s an impressive package.


David Price, Paul Miller

Enjoy the Music reviewed the X2

US, 02.2020

If the Project X2 package is in your analog front-end budget, go for it! You will not be disappointed.


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Tom Lyle