The Audiophile Man reviews the Pick it S2 C

UK, 05.2019

An ideal choice and one that should quickly occupy the demo list.

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Paul Rigby

Audiostance reviews the Tube Box S

UK, 05.2019

Best Tube Phono Preamp. If you’re after a tube phono preamp then the Pro-Ject Tube Box S is the best option available. While there are better phono preamps available, the Tube Box S comes in at under $500 and delivers exceptional sound quality.


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Audiostance reviews the Phono Box MM

US, 05.2019
Best Phono Preamp Under $100.
If your budget is maxed at $100 then the Pro-Ject Phono Box MM is the best phono preamp under $100. Pro-Ject Audio is a high-end turntable and phono accessories manufacturer out of Austria in Europe.


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Mobility Lounge reviews the DAC Box E mobile

AT, 03.2019
For a better sound from your smartphone.
My ears said the following: The sound was - as I expected - louder and much clearer compared to the 3.5mm jack.


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Helmut Hackl

What Hi-Fi reviews the Pre Box S2 Digital

UK, 02.2109
A tiny DAC and headphone amp that’s big on features. The Pre Box S2 Digital is superbly specified and sounds pretty good too.

 Impressive feature list
 Compact and nicely made
 Balanced and clean delivery

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Hi-Fi Choice reviews the Phono Box S2 Ultra

UK, 05.2019

Conclusion: With a consistently impressive performance and the ability to handle upmarket cartridges, this is a flexible and attractive phono stage that deserves to be high on any audition shortlist at the price.

Ed Selley

Hi-Fi World reviews the Phono Box S2 Ultra

EN, 04.2019
This little phono stage does a wonderful job: Fantastic sound and fantastic value! Pro-Ject should be congratulated!


Martin Pipe

Audio reviews the RPM 10 Carbon Silver

PL, 03. 2019
Build: Hi-grade quality of components. Belt drive, with additional antiresonance platform, separate motor, excellent cartridge.
Sound: ‘’Juicy’’, direct, natural and precise. Presents analog in advanced form.
The look of RPM 10 Carbon is really excellent, sound is amazing, with no doubt, value for money product.

Radek Łabanowski

Audio Test reviews the Pre Box S2 Digital

DE, 03.2019
Verdict: We would be extremely surprised if Pro-Ject‘s Stream Box S2 Ultra would not be a big seller. Indeed, it does offer something for everybody who‘s listening to digital music. It‘s astonishing how Pro-Ject can achieve such an attractive price, offering a high class dual mono architecture with actual ESS Sabre DACs as well as awesome build quality of this clever, small box. Moreover, the device is manufactured in Europe.
There‘s something for everybody, who‘s listening to digital music.

Jörg Schuhmacher

stereoplay reviews Stream Box S2 Ultra + Pre Box S2 Digital

DE, 02.2019
Small, but impressive! Verdict: Pro-Ject‘s smart boxes silently evolve to an affordable high end kit with an incredibly good price-performance ratio. The plethora of digital connections and source options is well implemented, handling is easy, possibilities almost endless and updates are possible. What more do you want? So lets grab your hard disks.