DS Line

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DS2 Wooden Side Panels

Magnetic Side Panels for DS2

Phono Box DS2

Audiophile MM / MC phono preamp

Phono Box DS2 USB

MM/MC phono preamp with digital HiRes USB output

Tube Box DS2

High end tube phono preamp

Amp Box DS2

Class D 140W stereo power amp

Amp Box DS2 Mono

Class D 205W stereo power amp

Head Box DS2 B

Symmetrical high end headphone amp

Pre Box DS2 digital

Preamp with 7 digital & analog inputs

Pre Box DS2 analogue

Audiophile preamp with 5 analog inputs

Stereo Box DS2

Amplifier with 5 inputs

MaiA DS2

Integrated amp with 9 input options

CD Box DS2

High-end CD player and HiRes DAC

CD Box DS2 T

High end CD transport

DAC Box DS2 ultra

High end DAC - 32-bit PCM 768kHz/DSD256

Stream Box DS2 T

24bit/192kHz hires audio streamer & internet radio

Power Box DS2 Sources

Linear power supply for up to 5 components & 1 turntable

Power Box DS2 Amp

Linear power supply with higher performance for Pro-Ject amps