Hi-Fi Choice Yearbook reviews the Debut Carbon Esprit SB

UK, 2014
At the price this Pro-Ject deck screams outstanding value, but what really sells it is the way it's brimming with musical detail. A super bargain that's easy to use and has a well balanced class-leading sound to it.

ToneAnalog reviews the Debut Carbon

US, 12.2012
The Debut Carbon offers a great way to get into the analog game on a tight budget - and the bold color palette is an added bonus. You get a turnkey analog solution with an Ortofon 2M red cartridge and an upgrade path.

Audio reviews the Debut Carbon

UK, 10.2012
It is impressive, how much sound quality you will get even from the cheapest model. Hifi aficionados are pleased to hear that price-performance relation is even better with higher priced models. With these models the concept shows its full strength!

What Hi-Fi reviews the Debut Carbon

UK, 10.2012
Excellent detail and clarity for the price; easy to set-up; wide range of finishes. The Debut has been a recommendable proposition for well over a decade. Our award winner 2012.

Sound + Vision reviews the Debut Carbon

US, 10.2012
A low-cost turntable with high-end features and fantastic sound quality. With its stock Ortofon 2M red cartridge, Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon gave me a clean, vibrant sound quality. If i were buying a budget table tomorrow, this is the one.

Stereo reviews the Debut Carbon

DE, 07.2012
Cheap turntable with carbon tonearm and decoupled motor, which impresses with its natural voice reproduction and powerful bass.  Very cheap price in view of the effort.

Hificritic: Speaker Box 5 is grouptest winner

EN, 12.2010
Conclusion: A clear winner in this group test, this small speaker amazed our listeners with its exuberant musicality! The bass is fast, lean and free of boom, while the midrange is detailed, articulate and revealing. In it’s luxury piano gloss finish, it’s great value for money, too!