WMI Rack 5/4

Reissue of a Pro-Ject Classic

After more than 30 years, it is time to remember a classic Pro-Ject product, which was revolutionary at that time and still is. The P5 was the 5th product Pro-Ject released to the market.

Heinz Lichtenegger has always been looking for sound improvements, especially for analogue products. Soon he realized that the mechanical grounding of a turntable is essential for a clean and dynamically open, unaltered sound. Heinz got the best results by coupling his turntable to an object with big mass. The idea was to transfer any vibrations – coming from both external (footsteps) and internal sources (tracking of the record) – to that big body of mass. The real mass – also called mechanical ground – is either the wall (brick or concrete) or the floor. Mounting the turntable on a lightweight, stiff wall console or rack is the best way to transfer all resonances and vibrations to mass.

In face of this idea, Heinz Lichtenegger and his good friend Heinrich Prohaska designed a revolutionary wall console to fulfil this task. They based their design on research by the Vienna University of Technology.

Frame thickness and material and shape

The WMI Rack 5/4 uses this research for a design where the shape, size and angular construction of the steel frames are precisely calculated to eliminate the propagation of resonances.

Any left-over resonances are transported and coupled to your high mass mounting surface. Solid walls in your flat are perfect to give you the high mass necessary. The frame’s round D-shape guarantees that all vibrations travel to the wall on their shortest way!

Lightweight wood shelfs on spikes

Exact tuned shelf materials – special selected stiff, lowmass wood with height adjustable spikes – give you the most neutral Hifi support available.

Wall mounting

Often you do not know the exact make-up and constructions of your home’s walls. We highly suggest to ask an expert to find the best mounting hardware and solution for your wall. This is a very critical part of the whole system. The better the fixing on the wall, the better the result. The maximum weight load per shelf depends on the type of wall and mounting.

Elegant practical design

The elegant looks of WMI Rack 5/4 may solve your sound, space and optic integrity problems in your living room. It allows you to mount your whole Hifi system elegantly to the wall, also in perfect height for operation.

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  • Based on the legendary Pro-Ject 5
  • Designed with research by Heinz Lichtenegger‘s close friend Heinrich Prohaska and the Vienna University of Technology
  • Eliminates propagation of resonances and transfers them into the wall
  • No influence by impact noise or vibrating floors
  • Sophisticated rigid steel frame construction
  • Special selected stiff, lowmass wood shelves
  • Height-adjustable spikes to level each shelf
  • Elegant practical design
  • Mounting recommendation: Brick or concrete walls - firmness depends on wall and mounting accessories
  • Made in Europe