HiFi Electronics

The success of our analogue products has lead us to develop hi-fi electronics, engineered and manufactored according to the same principles as our acclaimed turntables. The result of this approach is our Box Design product line. Here, you can search your suitable device for the features you need. In addition to our box design products, you will also find our Pro-Ject Audio Systems speakers and headphones divided according to their designs. Get an overview of the large assortment!

Analog-to-digital converter for digitizing your music.

To get a signal from the groove of the record to the speakers, a variety of amplifiers are used. Here is a list of the different types that can be found in the current Pro-Ject Audio Systems range.

Phono Preamplifier:
This is needed to equalize and amplify the signal of the record.
Pro-Ject Essential III

Device for connecting and switching analogue and digital sources. This amplifies the signal for a power amplifier that drives the speakers.
Pre Box DS2 digital  

Integrated Amplifier:
Combines the preamplifier and the power amplifier.

Headphone Amplifier:
Amplifies analog and/or digital signals for headphones. Some integrated amplifiers have a headphone amplifier integrated.
Head Box DS2 B

Power Amplifier:
Amplifies the signal of the preamplifier and drives the speakers.


Here you can find all HiFi Box Design products that offer Bluetooth as an input or output.

Bluetooth Empfänger:  

Bluetooth Sender: Phono Box E BT

Use the Cable Guide to find the fitting upgrade cable for your product.

Power Cables:

Audio Cables:
RCA-RCA Phono Cable: RCA-RCA Cable: 5 Pol DIN Socket - RCA Cable: 3,5 mm Stereo-Jack - RCA Cable: 1x RCA - 2x RCA Split-Cable:  
Speaker Cable:

If you are looking for a CD transport or player you will definitely find it here.

CD Player: CD Transport:

Headphones are now available in many different styles and designs. Pro-Ject offers two different models.

With over-ear headphones, the headphone shells completely surround the ears.
Hear it one

With on-ear headphones, the headphone shells rest on the ears.

Power Supply

Power Filter:
Power Bank:
Linear Power Supply:


Matching with other box design components, this FM tuner offers a lot of technology in the smallest of spaces. With its 99 station memories, the Tuner Box S2 has more than enough space for your favorite stations.

Tuner Box S

Remote Controls.



DS2-Line & RS-Line:

Speakers convert the electrical signal into a mechanical vibration.

Bookshelf Speakers:
Due to their size optimal for placing on shelves. Also ideal for home theater systems.

Tower Speakers:
The perfect compromise between size and sound. They are compact enough to fit in any living room, yet provide audiophile and room-filling sound.

Fill your living room with powerful basses.
Sub Box 50

With the advent of Internet streaming services such as TIDAL or Spotify, consumer interest has shifted towards network-enabled devices.

Stream Box S2 Ultra