Pick it S2C Upgrade

    Pimp your DJ turntable to HIFI standards

    Upgrade the typical low-cost cartridge in DJ style turntables

    Based on the famous CONCORDE style cartridge from Ortofon, Pro-Ject has developed a real Hifi cartridge for DJ-enthusiasts. Suitable for all tonearms with SME union nut, Pick it S2 C is easily mounted and removed. The body of this system is held in elegante silver looks. Pick it S2 C offers a thrilling and exciting sound, which oozes of details and high fidelity, it unveils unheard precision, dynamics and sound stage in this price range.

    Available for 99€ instead of 159€!

    Available at your Pro-Ject dealer!

    Available in:


    • Moving Magnet principle
    • Simple and fast setup
    • High output voltage
    • Ideal for medium weight tonearms (15-20g)
    • Very dynamic
    • Suiteable for MM phono stages
    • Needle can be exchanged if needed
    • Robust Polycarbonate body