Measure it DS

Precision stylus tracking gauge

Universal Stylus Tracking Gauge

Measure it DS is a lightweight precision tracking force gauge. It is designed to work with each and every possible cartridge and tonearm combination, independent of weight, shape or design. Other, cheaper scales can be quite unhandy and unnecessary difficult to use with certain cartridges. Especially as you go up a few levels, and reach heavier and bigger high-end pickups. Measure it DS makes your set-up life easier and is the perfect choice to be safe for the future. The scale comes factory calibrated for highly accurate tracking force measurements, and the non-magnetic scale surface is especially suitable for MC cartridges.


  • Capacity 0.01 - 200g
  • Precision 0,01g
  • Pre-calibrated at factory for ultimate precision
  • Scale design optimized to work with any cartridge and tonearm combination
  • Non-magnetic scale surface especially important for MC cartridges
  • Auto off after 60 seconds
  • 2x AAA batteries included
  • LCD screen with back lighting