HiFi Super Set

    High-End Sound – made in Europe!

    Sit down and enjoy!

    This set will not only bring a high-end sound into your living room, it is also an eye-catcher with its real wood veneer finish in eucalyptus. This combination of turntable, amplifier, speakers and cables is an absolute perfect match!

    Premium Sub Chassis Turntable

    The Classic Evo is a sub chassis turntable, which means that the tonearm and the platter are mounted on a sub chassis which is isolated from the main chassis. The result is a more open and rhythmic sound.

    The tonearm tube is made out of a sandwich of carbon and aluminium: carbon for stiffness and speed, aluminium for better damping. The counterweight incorporates a TPE damper, which allows us to reduce the amplitude of the tonearm cartridge resonance frequency by 50%. It also offers azimuth and VTA adjustment to use a variety of cartridges.

    The Classic Evo comes with pre-mounted Pick it 2M Silver MM phono cartridge.

    HiFi Super Set is available for 3.990€ instead of 4.875!

    In the box:

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    • Premium sub chassis turntable
    • Audiophile 2.5-way speaker
    • Vesatile integrated amplifier
    • HP-OFC copper speaker cable
    • Real wood veneer
    • Made in Europe