Hans Theessink – Hard Road Blues

    HARD ROAD BLUES was recorded analogue and in one cast over 2 nights at the OPUS Recorder Music Studio in Austria. It was quite a meditative affair, which was captured very well by sound engineer Andreas Fabianek. A vocal mic, a guitar mic and a few other microphones were used to capture the natural space. The recording sounds very organic; You can feel every movement and breathing and can literally hear your fingers dancing on the fingerboard.

    1.BIG BILL’S GUITAR: Hans Theessink manus (AKM)
    2.YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD: Hans Theessink manus (AKM)
    3.PRISON BLUES: trad/arr.and new words Hans Theessink
    4.BLIND WILLIE: Hans Theessink manus (AKM)
    5.ONE KIND FAVOUR: Blind Lemon Jefferson / arr. Hans Theessink
    6.VICKSBURG IS MY HOME: Hans Theessink manus (AKM)

    1.HARD ROAD BLUES: Hans Theessink manus (AKM)
    2.TWO TRAINS: trad/arr. Hans Theessink
    3.SUGAR BABE: Mance Lipscomb (Tradition Music Co)
    4.MINNIBELLE: Hans Theessink manus (AKM)
    5.SHOTGUN BLUES: Sam Hopkins (Rockland Music)
    6.CYPRESS GROVE: Skip James (Blind-Basement-Music)


    • All analogue recording (AAA)
    • Recorded in Austria