Align it PRO

High-precision cartridge alignment tool with super-fast workflow

Cartridge alignment with easy, fast and accurate workflow

Align it PRO gives you access a totally unique and effective workflow that makes aligning cartridges incredibly fast and efficient.

You can set the Align it PRO up for the exact length of your tonearm and fix it to the center of your tonearm bearing. For Pro-Ject tonearms, the fixing rod has two sides. A pointed end – excellent for any type of tonearm or bearing. And a second flat end, which fits exactly into the center screw of our higher-end tonearms and their bearings (X1, X2, CC and CC Evo, …).

With this approach the exact distance for the overhang is set up in no time – with unmatched accuracy on top. You do not need to go back and forth between the inner and outer null-points for a 100% accurate overhang distance, like you would have to with other kinds of alignment protractors! This is also the reason why only the inner null-point is printed on the Align it PRO!

For beginners or pros, the Align it PRO comes with detailed instructions and background knowledge to equip you with all the information you need to maximise your vinyl playback.

Baerwald Geometry

The Align it PRO uses the Baerwald geometry. Baerwald is an excellent allrounder that many people choose to start their alignment journey with. It strikes an ideal balance of inner and outer grooves tracking, while maintaining excellent linearity in the middle part of your vinyl. The music industry nowadays tends to go back to shorter lengths (20 min or lower per side), and uses 2 records – 4 sides – per album. Baerwald is a perfect choice for this trend and works universally well for many other styles too. Align it PRO is suitable for all Pro-Ject turntables and many other manufacturer‘s turntables and tonearms depending on their pivot to spindle distance.


  • Suitable for all Pro-Ject turntables
  • High-precision alignment setup
  • Super fast workflow
  • All adjustments on one tool: Overhang, azimuth and tangentiality
  • Baerwald geometry
  • Alignment for 8,6“, 9“, 10“ and 12“ tonearms
  • Suitable for other manufacturer‘s tonearms*
  • Detailed alignment instructions and tonearm geometry explanation included
  • Made in Europe