Vinyl Essentials

    Ultimate test recording

    This Image test record is an outstanding adjustment tool, which includes measurements, that everyone will understand and is able to perform. No unnecessary High End voodoo testing! The record only contains essential measurements, that will make your cartridge/tonearm/turntable combo sound best.

    Perfectly manufactured LP, which marks state-of-the-art reference quality status, referring to mastering tolerances of all available anaologue test records! Comes with german and english instruction.

    A1 channel identifikation

    A2 phase test

    A3 cross talk test

    A4 cross talk test

    A5 trackability test

    A6 tonearm/cartridge resance test

    B1 trackability test

    B2 trackability test


    • The perfect adjuistment tool for turntable, tonearm, cartridge
    • Channel identifikation
    • Correct phase
    • Cross talk test
    • Trackability test
    • Tonearm/cartridge resonance test
    • 180 gr. virgin vinyl