Pick it PRO Balanced

True Balanced compatible MM Cartridge

Lively & robust with a high dynamic range

The first of its kind. The new Pick it PRO Balanced cartridge is a revised version of the Pick it PRO which allows you a „True Balanced“ signal transmission.

Made in Europe

We have always been looking for the best price/performance ratio, with perfect manufacturing quality and „Made in Europe“.

For this reason, we decided to work with Ortofon to develop a unique range of cartridges. Thanks to the excellent manufacturing skills of Ortofon we were able to produce a very special cartridge: The Pick it PRO.

Balanced connection

The big advantage of a balanced connection is its ability to remove picked up noise and interferences. Our „True Balanced“ cable range offers you the perfect cable to connect your turntable to either the Phono Box S3 B or Phono Box DS3 B.