Hear it One Anniversary

Audiophile stereo headphone

Pro-Ject Philosophy – Put your money where the sound is – BEST COMPONENTS

Pro-Ject‘s main philosophy is to produce and develop products with minimalistic design and great sound for the money. As we designed our first pair of headphones, we were looking for a low-cost mechanical design with the highest level of functionality and wearing comfort. This allowed us to allocate the majority of the budget in the BEST drivers, and the BEST cables.

Sound Tuning – Hi-Res Cushions included

We also spent a lot of time in voicing. Especially the memory foam cushions had a lot of influence to the sound. Extra cushions are also included free of charge to tune the characteristics to your sound preferences. Our Hi-Res Cushions can be described as more open and dynamic, while the standard cushions sound more soft and full-bodied.

Competing way above its price-point

The result was a product which is outstanding in sound quality. The sound is smooth, open and full of colors. Never harsh, still very detailed, with a solid base and a big sound stage. You can compare the Hear it One with high-end headphones many times the price. They may look better, but there is hardly any which sound better even up to 500€.

Available in:


  • Mobile, smart & audiophile
  • Classic minimalistic headphone design
  • Highest level of functionality & wearing comfort
  • Cable made from oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC)
  • Textile coated woven cable
  • Gold plated 3,5mm jack and 6,3mm adapter
  • Extra pair of Hi-Res ear cushions included
  • High gloss & metal finish