Headshell PRO

Aluminium and Carbon headshells with SME standard connection

Fitting for all tonearms with SME connector, we developed 2 different new headshells. The choice of either aluminium or carbon material allows you to choose the perfect weight for your particular cartridge. Modern MM cartridges usually benefit from lighter headshells and tonearms, while MC cartrdiges need a little more weight.

You can use the mounting screws of your cartridge, but if you want a set of anti-magnetic screws to be able to install a multitude of different cartridge types on your Signature Headshell, Pro-Jects Mount it is your perfect choice.

Available in:

1 – Aluminium Black
2 – Carbon

Available in:


  • Fits all tonearms with SME mounting standard
  • 1/2 inch cartridge mount
  • 2different headshell materials: Alu, Carbon
  • High conductivity OFC headshell cables included
  • Colour coded cables included
  • High rigidity & low mass
  • Low resonance construction
  • Non magnetic
  • Azimuth adjustment with screw on side
  • Built-in fingerlift