Parov Stelar: The Burning Spider

Inspired by a creative fire, Parov Stelar unveils new, unexpected sides to his music on his album “The Burning Spider” and opens up a new chapter in his sample-based sound research across music history. There has been preserved a lot that fans around the world appreciate and love about Parov Stelar’s unique sound, only the influences and references are being re-diced. While Swing references, which have made Stelar the superstar of a genre in the global context, have been part of the latest albums, it is now shaking new standards with blues and jazz elements.





Side A

The Burning Spider Featuring – Lightnin Hopkins

Step Two Featuring – Lilja Bloom

Soul Fever Blues Featuring – Muddy Waters


Side B

Everything Of My Heart

My Man Featuring – Lightnin Hopkins

All Grown Up Featuring – Anduze


Side C

Mama Talking Featuring – Stuff Smith

State Of The Union Featuring – Anduze

Beauty Mark Featuring – Anduze


Side D

Cuba Libre Featuring – Mildred Bailey

Black Coffee Featuring – Wingy Manone

The Ride