Juke Box Highpower Supply

Audiophile „best-buy“ speaker wire

Upgraded Power Supply for Juke Box E and Juke Box S2

The Juke Box Highpower Supply is a great upgrade for your Juke Box E and Juke Box S2.

Delivering up to 50% more peak power output enables a better dynamic response and more headroom, especially important for low frequencies, resulting in a more accurate translation of overall transients and bass power.

It provides true grounding over a 3 pin power connector, which, under some critical power conditions, will reduce hum and noise quite dramatically.


  • Upgrade for Juke Box E and Juke Box S2
  • 50% more peak power
  • Incresed dynamic and bass response
  • 3 pin power connector
  • True ground connection can dramatically reduce hum and noise under critical power conditions