Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther

    Audiophile pressing

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    Marking the 50th anniversary of the score to the classic film “The Pink Panther”, a truly remarkable pressing for an audiophile classic. “Moon River” might be Henry Mancini’s biggest hit, but it was Mancini’s score for Blake Edward‘s 1964 farce “The Pink Panther” that introduced his music to generations of children; the haunting, jazzy main theme was used in dozens of cartoon shorts that were broadcast on television for years. The Pink Panther Soundtrack features 12 songs. Now this classic is available on a 200-gram

    heavyweight QRP pressing, with superb mastering from the original analog tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound.

    “Henry Mancini is one of the most talented fellows one could wish to meet. He has made quite a name for himself. That of Mancini, to be exact, and very famous in the bargain. But lest I be thought guilty of gross flattery, I feel I should point out that in private life he can be rather difficult. I once pointed this out to him and he kicked my shin. A lot of his music has been issued in the form of long-playing records. The great advantage of this is that you can sit and listen to Hank’s score without having to sit through the film. As yet, you cannot see the film without having to sit through the music. However, I understand that scientists are perfecting a device that may make this possible.” — Peter Sellers, from the original album liner notes


    Site 1

    The Pink Panther theme 2:35

    It hab better be tonight (Meglio Stasera) instrumental 1:44

    Royal Blue 3:09


    Site 2

    Champagne and Quail 2:45

    The Village Inn 2:34

    The Tiber Twist 2:47


    Site 3:

    It Had Better Be Tonight Meglio Stasera) vocal 1:50

    Cortina 1:52

    The Lonely Princess 2:25


    Site 4:

    Something for Sellers 2:45

    Piano and strings 2:34

    Shades of Sennett



    • 50th anniversary edition
    • 45rpm
    • 2x 200 gr virgin vinyl
    • Directly mastered from the analogue master tapes
    • Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound
    • Made in USA