Debut III S audiophile

Audiophile turntable with S shape tonearm

The best-buy turntable classic with one piece S shape aluminium tonearm and special cartridge!

This special edition of the Debut III comes with some outstanding features, such as the very special Pick it 25A cartridge, which has been developed with our long time partner Ortofon. It is based on their OM series but uses highly conductive silver spools for a superior sound experience. The one piece S-shape aluminium tonearm offers a very harmonic and warm, audiophile sound. The newly developed aluminium/ TPE feet ensure that the turntable is perfectly decoupled from all unwanted vibrations. Supplied with Debut III S audiophile is our best-buy phono cable Connect it E, which has been voted amongst the best budget phono cables around. Debut III S audiophile will be available in two high gloss options, black or white.

The Debut III S audiophile is the first and only turntable that features our new logo on its base as well as on the supplied acrylic dust cover.

Available in:


  • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor
  • Superlative aluminium/TPE damping feet
  • 8,6‘‘ one piece S shape aluminium tonearm
  • Steel platter weighing 1,3 kg with a felt mat
  • Special edition Pick it 25A cartridge
  • High gloss colour options: black, white
  • Dustcover included