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1Xpression III is now the 5th generation of the hi-fi classic Pro-Ject 1 which was presented for the first time 18 years ago. No other entry-level turntable is more audiophile and the current version includes an improved main bearing, acrylic platter, carbon tone-arm with aluminium head-shell and effective decoupling of the drive motor. As an option the 1Xpression III is also available in a comfort version including electronic speed change and limit stop.  




1Xpression III Comfort – Manual turntable including carbon  

tone-arm with or without electronic speed selector and limit stop  



• Belt drive design with low noise AC motor Type Select 2  

• Plinth out of MDF with high gloss anthracite surface  

• Acrylic 0,9 kg platter  

• Platter bearing Type Block 2: Low-tolerance chrome-plated stainless-steel axle runs on a polished ball bearing in a brass bearing housing  

• Motor decoupled to reduce vibration  

• Integrated Speed Box allows electronically switchable speed between 33 and 45 Upm  

• Automatic cutoff at the end of the record  

• Height adjustable rubber-damped aluminum cones  

• Gold-plated RCA phono sockets  


Tonearm 8.6c  

• 8.6" Carbon fibre tone-arm with aluminum headshell  

• Conical armtube avoids standing wave refl ections  

• Inverted tonearm bearing comprises inverted hardened stainlesssteel points and sapphire thrust-pads  

• Solid armbase permits accurate height adjustment of armtube and VTA (vertical tracing angle)  

• Single-screw fixing of armtube allows rotation for easy adjustment of needle azimuth despite fixed headshell  

• Highly flexible top-grade copper internal wiring  

• Silicon damped tone-armlift  

• Resonance optimized counterweight construction  


1Xpression III  

Same as above without electronic features  


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