Vinyl Lp: Esther Ofarim - Esther (sold out)  



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Audiophile pressing:  


• 180 gr. virgin vinyl  

• Direct from analogue master-tape  

• Limited edition  

• Original cover-art  

• Made in Germany  


1.  La Vezina Catina
2. Ziunionei Haderech
3. La Scillitana
4. Leil Galil
5. Pamparapam
6. Pavane
7. Kinderspiele
8. Rataplan
9. El Ray Nimrod
10. Hayu Leiloth
11. Nique Nac No Muse
12. Una Matica de Ruda

The first LP of the Israel-born singer was highly distinguished because of this brilliant recording. The songs of this fantastic artist  

are from different epochs in different languages. With a stunning and wonderful authenticity and a great artistic performance,  

Esther Ofarim produced an audiophile LP par excellence! An iconic classic audiophile LP!  


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