Pro-Ject Elemental Phono USB  

Manual turntable with internal phono preamp & USB out  


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Belt drive system  

Integrated motor control with DC power supply secures silent running  

Central gravity mass point made from artificial stone  

Main platter bearing made from stainless steel runs in bronze bushing with Teflon bottom  

Low resonance particle board platter with felt mat  

8,6 ultra low mass tonearm with straight arm tube  

Pre-adjusted tracking force & antiskating  

Gold-plated RCA contacts & cartridge pins  

Integrated phono stage with precise RIAA equalisation  

Line level output  

A/D converter for vinyl recording with USB B output  

Colour options: red-black, white-black, silver-black  


Dust cover "Cover It E" separately available  


Best buy turntable with maximum simplicity, outstanding sound quality & USB recording capability!  


Pro-Ject has decided to go after the cheap plastic turntable market with an high quality alternative that comes complete with an Ortofon cartridge. The new Elemental Phono USB table is a real "plug'n'play" all the way. No adjustment of counterweight and antiskating is needed, because both are pre-adjusted. This new straight tonearm is optimised for Ortofon OM cartridge series. All the buyer needs to do is remove it from the box, remove bearing guard, locate the belt around the platter, remove stylus guard and plug it into hifi system and computer.  

The only plastic here is the stylus guard!  

The hidden secret to the new table's sonic success, is a central gravity mass point, made from artificial stone and placed directly underneath the platter bearing. It is capable to fully absorb unwanted rumble and motor vibration. This turntable appears to be pure simplicity itself, while maintaining high quality audio standards and vinyl recording capability.  


SRP 249,00  


Recommended accessories:  



Brush It

Clean It

Spin Clean

Cover it E


Optical accessories:  

Felt mats


Accessories for better sound and for playing 45rpm records:  

Acryl It E

Adapt It


Accessories needed to play 78rpm gramophone records:  

Playing 78rpm gramophone records is not possible with Elemental Phono USB turntable!  




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