Vinyl Lp: Der Bösendorfer No. 7 - Rebirth of a Legend (sold out)  



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Audiophile pressing:  


• 180 gr. Virgin vinyl  

• Direct from analogue master-tape  

• Limited edition  


1. Inpromptu in es-Moll
2. Impromtu in es-Dur
3. Impromtu in c-Dur
4. Kupelwieser Walzer
5. Tänze1824
6. Menuett in f-Dur
7. Fantasie in c-Moll
8. Bonustrack
Maria Szymanowska Nocturne in b-Dur

Accurately at the 160th anniversary of death of Franz Schubert in 1828 and the 160th year of the famous piano manufacturing  

company Bösendorfer, you have the rare opportunity to hear seldom played piano pieces of this composer on the 7th piano made  

by Bösendorfer in 1828. A beautiful sound full of character, which a music lover will not hear in concert venues as this valuable  

instrument is part of a private collection.  


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