Pro-Ject ART1  

Turntable as „hear & see“ artwork  


Art1: click to enlarge

open page Specifications       PDF Productinfo [pdf, 121 KB]       

• Designed by Austrian artist Barbara Mungenast  

• Incividually signed by the artist  

• Limited Edition - only 100 pieces worldwide !  

• Social sponsoring with revenues  

• Based on Pro-Ject Debut III  

• Highend Tuning Kit included  

• Ortofon 2M Blue included  


Pro-Ject Art 1 is based on worlds best selling turntable Project Debut III.  

Famous Austrian artist Barbara Mungenast, internationally renowned for her circle-works, took the idea of the rotating vinyl record and made the ART 1. A work of art with reduced design and limited colours.  

Equipped with a „Highend turntable tuning kit“ and the outstanding Ortofon moving magnet cartrigde, it is a delight to look at and to listen to!  


SRP: € 980,00  


Last update 14.06.2018

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