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all our products are produced under the highest possible level of quality control. Every single product runs through a four hours testing procedure where mechanical and electrical control are checked as well as sound and listening characteristics. Only if the product satisfies our critical testers, they are allowed to leave our factory.
To show our confidence in our products, we grant a two years warranty executed by the local distributor (see list of distributors). The Pro-Ject Audio Systems warranty is only valid for products which are purchased from an authorized Pro-Ject Audio Systems dealer/retailer.
Authorized Pro-Ject Audio Systems dealers can be recognized to carry following partner program logos. The best - so called REFERENCE PARTNERS - are listed on our website under DEALER. Our local distributor (see website „International distributors“) can also inform about authorized dealers in your area or if a dealer is authorized as PARTNER, TOP PARTNER, REFERENCE PARTNER. If a product was bought from a non-authorized dealer, the customer must claim warranty directly at this seller!

International Sales and Warranty

Please note that in general defective products should be returned to the dealer from whom, the product was purchased. A copy of the original invoice must be added as a prove of correct warranty claim. If the product was bought in another country from an authorized Pro-Ject Audio Systems dealer, documents of import (customs) to your country must be added.
We recommend to purchase our products always from a local Pro-Ject Audio Systems partner. Local Pro-Ject Audio Systems dealers always provide the best ratio of price, consultation, demo and service.
If the unlikely event occurs, that you as customer have reasonable complaint and can prove valid warranty, Pro-Ject Audio Systems and their national sales organizations (excluded some exceptions listed below) will repair the defective product free of charge (including labor and replacement parts) in any country where an official Pro-Ject Audio Systems distribution is represented.
This complements the national/regional legal requirements of trading partners or national sales organisations and does not restrict in any way legal rights that you have as a customer.

  • Special warranty terms apply in the Russian Federation.
  • Specific import regulations apply in Brazil.
  • Please contact the relevant national distributor for details

Warranty: Terms and Conditions

Is valid only for products purchased from an authorized Pro-Ject Audio Systems retailer or dealer.
Is limited to the repair of the equipment (which could be a repair or replacement at our discretion, neither of which affects your original warranty).
Neither transportation, nor any other costs, nor any risk for removal, transportation and installation of products is covered by this warranty.
Is only valid for the original owner. It is not transferable.
To validate your warranty, you will need to provide the original sales invoice or other proof of ownership and date of purchase.

This Warranty will not be applicable in cases other than defects in materials and/or workmanship at the time of purchase and will especially not be applicable:
  1. For deterioration of component parts, the nature of which is to become worn or depleted with use, such as batteries and headphone ear pads, drive belts, cartridges.
  2. For damages caused by incorrect installation, connection or packing.
  3. For damages caused by any use other than correct use described in the user manual, negligence, modifications, or use of parts that are not made or authorized by Pro-Ject Audio Systems.
  4. For damages caused by faulty or unsuitable ancillary equipment.
  5. For damages caused by accidents, lightning, water, fire heat, war, public disturbances or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Pro-Ject Audio Systems and its appointed distributors.
  6. For products whose serial number has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible.
  7. If repairs or modifications have been executed by an unauthorized person.


Products from Pro-Ject Audio Systems are super engineered precision instruments, which can get damaged when wrongly used or transported. Packaging is a part of the product!

If a product is shipped or transported for warranty claim without original packaging or not packed according to the instruction manual, warranty shall be void, because any damage caused by transportation is NOT covered by guarantee!
Therefore please handle packaging and all accessories with care and restore it safely for future use!

We wish lots of happy hours of music enjoyment with our products.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems

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