Dear customer,

all our products are produced under the highest possible level of quality control. Every single product runs through a four hours testing procedure where mechanical and electrical control are checked as well as sound and listening characteristics. Only if the product satisfies our critical tester, they are allowed to leave our factory.
To show our confidence in our products, we grant a two years warranty. The warranty time can differ in some countries due to legal reasons.

International Sales and Warranty

Please note that defective products should be returned to the dealer where the product was purchased. Original invoice must be added as a prove of the correct warrantee claim. If the product was bought in another country, custom documents of import must be added too.
We recommend to purchase our products always from a local Pro-Ject Audio Systems partner. (See chapter Where to buy)
Local Pro-Ject Audio Systems dealer always provide the best ratio of price, consultation, demo and service.

Last update 16.09.2014

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